Fiona Tucker

The Treatment and Use of Human Remains in the Atlantic Scottish Iron Age

Internal Supervisors: Ian Armit and Jo Buckberry
External Supervisor: Christopher Knüsel, University of Exeter

My PhD research on the treatment of human remains in Iron Age Atlantic Scotland is designed to provide the first overall synthesis of this aspect of the archaeology of Atlantic Scotland, and to help to shed light on wider issues concerning the disposal of the dead in the European Iron Age. I plan to examine all human remains recovered from Iron Age Atlantic Scottish sites, using non-destructive osteological methods of macroscopic observation and measurement to provide a comparable dataset of the skeletal material from this area, as well as looking at excavation records to elucidate the contexts in which each of the remains were found. I will examine this material as a body to try to detect any patterns in the treatment of the dead throughout Atlantic Scotland during the long Iron Age.

Last Updated:10 February 2009