Meet the project team

Dr Andrew Wilson (BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCHEP, MIFA) PI: is Lecturer in Forensic & Archaeological Sciences with combined expertise in human osteology and archaeological conservation. He has received funding from JISC, The Welcome Trust, AHRC, AHRC/ EPSRC (Science & Heritage Programme) and has wide-ranging media communication experience in archaeology.

Prof Hassan Ugail (BSc, PGCE, PhD) Co-I: is Director for the Centre for Visual Computing. His recent innovations have led to the formation of a university spin-out company, Tangentix Ltd, represented on the advisory panel. He was recently awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award.

Dr Jo Buckberry (BA, MSc, PhD) Co-I: is Lecturer in Biological Anthropology and Curator of the BARC collections. She is currently a Co-I on a public-engagement network 'You are what you ate' concerned with 'health & wellbeing' funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Dr Chris Gaffney Co-I (BSc, PhD): is Lecturer in Archaeological Geophysics and is a specialist in the handling of digital data. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for popularising archaeological geophysics via Time Team and other media opportunities in 2007.

Dr Keith Manchester (MB., BS., BSc., DSc (Hon)) Clinical Advisor is Hon. Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bradford (Palaeopathologist and GP, developed Bradford collections).

Andrew Holland (BSc, MSc, PGCE) Forensic Anthropologist with a special interest in the application of new technologies to osteoarchaeology, experience with the BARC collection, digital photography and specific experience with 3D laser scanning of human bone.

Dr Christopher Watkins (BSc, MSc, PhD: PhD in Speech Recognition, experience in computer graphics and image processing and specific experience with 3D scanning and processing of point cloud data.

Dr Rebecca Storm (BA, MSc, PhD): Bioarchaeologist with a special interest and publication record in Palaeopathology.

Dr Alan Ogden (BDS, MSc, PhD): Palaeopathologist, Retired Dental Lecturer and Honorary Research Fellow. Teaches the palaeopathology of leprosy at UoB.

Tom Sparrow (BSc, MSc, AIFA): expertise in technical aspects of archaeological data.

Rachel Holgate. Placement student (AGES)

Texturers: Tom Newbold, Pawel Eliasz, Toby Ogbogu, James Thompsonn (each interns/ placements with the Centre for Visual Computing)

The project was backed by a distinguished advisory panel including:

Prof Don Ortner (Palaeopathologist; former director of NMNH, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC; Visiting Professor UoB)

Anthea Boylston (Palaeopathologist, Honorary Research Fellow UoB)

Anooshka Rawden (Museum Officer (Archaeology), Chichester District Museum)

Dr Marina Bloj (Assoc Dean for Research/ Director of Institute for Life Sciences Research; Assoc Dir Centre for Visual Computing)

James Kenny (Archaeology Officer, Chichester District Council - involved in the original post-excavation analysis of the site and now responsible for promoting archaeology of the district, its preservation and wider public interest in it)

Prof Peter Hartley (National Teaching Fellow/ Professor of Education Development and expert in innovative engagement with wider educational communities).